After 2 years of high anticipation, Coco Moynan has finally released her first 5 NFT arts based on her original physical art from her 2022 collection. These pieces are ONE OF KIND.

  • MIND and BODY
  • EVE

-I N S P I R A T I O N-

 She uses special techniques to create original 3D hand embroidery art. She wanted to bring these ideas to the digital art world and creates one of kind special digital art in the world.

All of her creations were inspired by her life experiences. She’s accomplishing some of her goals. She created “ Achieve “ when her life was positive and when  she created 'Gold Tears" when life was difficult. Every experience she has felt triggers emotions that make her art unique. She believes that her difficult times is when she grew the most and appreciates all of those times. Her arts portrays positivity and power which is her message to her followers. So always remember, the everyone goes through difficult times but Never give up and always look for the positive.

She conveys her emotions through her artwork and now through her NFT arts.

My team and I thank you and my arts community, I couldn’t do this without you guy’s. 


5 of my NFT arts are now available at